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May 7 2024 Jordan Walker

Featured Member: Lifemark

employees talking to each other at a desk

With labour and talent shortages remaining a high priority in Alberta, Lifemark, a prominent player in the employment services sector, has introduced an impactful initiative aimed at fostering symbiotic relationships between employers and job seekers.

Talent In-Sight, a program offering new strategies in employer services, catalyzes recruitment efforts while offering invaluable support to businesses. Mike Mammel, a Labour Market Coordinator for Talent In-Sight through Life Mark, sheds light on the program's purpose and its multifaceted benefits.

"This new and innovative Employer Services program targets employers as the direct recipients of services, thereby bringing the distinct labour demand and supply sides together," says Mike.

With Talent In-Sight offering a comprehensive suite of services designed to address the specific needs of businesses, it’s all offered at no cost due to funding from the Alberta Government.
"This program is helpful because it really focuses on businesses and identifying their unique needs in order to help them grow," says Mike. "Lifemark is in a unique position to deliver these services due to our experience working with employers and our access to job seekers through other employment services programs."

Empowering employers and communities

The program's current goals are straightforward: reducing the unemployment rate in Alberta and minimizing turnover for employers. Mike explains, "The Talent In-Sight team works with employers by offering customized services to fill vacancies, reduce labour hours for creating HR documents, screen candidates, create job postings, target specific applicants, help promote current job postings and find grants and funding information."

Looking ahead, Mike envisions an expanded scope for the program.

“We are hoping to continue to build out our team so that we can offer more HR-related services and be the go-to partner when businesses are considering hiring people," he says. "We would like to see the program expand to more areas of the province."

Through the program’s coaching, employer mentoring and customized resources, the impact of Talent In-Sight is currently resonating throughout Alberta's business landscape.

"To date, we have helped over 150 job seekers secure employment with the employers we have worked with in Alberta," Mike reveals. "Employers are welcome to reach out to Talent In-Sight if they wish to collaborate on a hiring event, if they would like Lifemark to plan and host an event, or they can be part of any upcoming multi-employer job fairs hosted throughout our regions."

Building a resilient workforce

As a member of the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, Lifemark leverages its extensive network to amplify the program's reach.

"Companies that are part of the Chambers can benefit from our program in a variety of ways," Mike says. "This includes filling their vacancies, accessing grants and additional funding, benefiting from our human resources service elements, and through attending a job fair or having us host a hiring event for them, all at no cost."

At its core, Talent In-Sight isn't just a program, but a valuable resource for employers looking to reduce turnover, fill skill shortages and increase support within their recruitment processes. Providing the tools needed to develop a skilled and resilient workforce, Talent In-Sight is helping pave the way for Alberta employers to continue nurturing innovation, adapting to changing market demands and thriving in a competitive economy.

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