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Reboot Plus Program

Reboot Plus is a career preparation program for 17 to 24-year-olds who haven’t finished high school or are struggling to finish high school. Now’s your chance to help one of them. By meeting with a young adult for one 30 to 60 minute session to chat about your career, you’ll give them the information they need to make meaningful education and career plans. Plus, you’ll be building their confidence and their professional network.

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Peer Mentoring

Peer Mentoring gives you access to seasoned leaders who share invaluable insights in a supportive and confidential environment, allowing you to grow your business and become a stronger leader.

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On-Demand Virtual Mindfulness Microcourses

A program for anyone to reduce conflict and stress, strengthen relationships, and impact wellness at work and at home.

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ENMAX Amplifier Fund

ENMAX and The Calgary Chamber recognize the challenges businesses face in Calgary today and want to help.

To support Calgary’s dynamic and diverse small business community, The ENMAX Amplifier Fund gives $25,000 to one business each year, allowing that business to leap to the next level by investing in innovation, technology and leadership.

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