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Support to grow your business

Peer Mentoring

Peer Mentoring gives you access to seasoned leaders who share invaluable insights in a supportive and confidential environment, allowing you to grow your business and become a stronger leader.

Celebrate wins

Take time to acknowledge the wins within amongst a group of peers.

Overcome challenges

Work through business hurdles through insights and experience of your peers at the table.

Develop skills

Learn leadership and management skills from peers.

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The Stride

The Stride is a joint initiative between the Calgary Chamber and the Calgary Foundations. The Stride is an engine recruiting and working with active citizens. Together we’re out to develop answers to our city’s challenges and identify ways to capitalize on its unique opportunities.

Build community

Connect with Calgary’s up and coming leaders.

Challenge status quo

Tackle some of our cities biggest challenges.

Create an impact

Solve problems and improve the quality of life for all Calgarians.