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Tacit Edge: Product Management Coaching & Education

Learn how the world's best products are made with product leadership training and coaching.

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, entrepreneurs face fierce competition, demanding customers, and a constant need for innovation. To navigate these challenges successfully, every entrepreneur should possess a crucial skill: Product Management.

What do Zoom, Calendly, Google, Amazon, Nike, Ford, American Express, and AT&T have in common?

They use Product Management to create, launch and grow their products and business! Product Management-led companies are at the heart of industry growth because of their focus on solving user needs fast and iteratively.

With its unique blend of strategic thinking, customer empathy, and cross-functional collaboration, Product Management empowers entrepreneurs to create, launch, and scale successful products that drive business growth.

The Calgary Chamber of Commerce and Tacit Edge Product Leadership have joined forces to offer exclusive member discounts on the global standard for Product Management education and coaching.

Learn the best practices from industry veterans who have worked with Apple, Google, Morgan Stanley and hundreds of entrepreneurs to launch successful products and grow business.

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5 weekly live coaching and product mentoring sessions with professional product coaches

Access to the full curriculum library and templates

1:1 coaching and consulting on your product strategy

Access to Tacit Edge’s learning community where you can receive support from fellow entrepreneurs

A globally recognized certification and PdM-T micro-credential

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Product Management for Entrepreneurs

Chamber members receive 10% off any programs offered by Tacit Edge, including courses, coaching, corporate training and much more.

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Valuable products make great businesses and great businesses are the building block of Alberta's resilient new economy. Learn the best practices of Product Management with Tacit Edge and their free self-paced Product Management Education sponsored by Alberta Innovates.

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