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Economic recovery and growth

COVID-19 public health measures

Open letter: Next steps to support business through COVID-19

Our economy and public health landscape are in a very different position today than in March 2020. With the means to protect the health of our community and economy, we call on government to take action.

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Calgary Event Centre rendering

Let's apply Calgary's can-do attitude to resurrecting the new arena deal

Now is the time to find ways to get to an agreement on the new arena, which will serve as a signal to the talent we must attract and retain to support Calgary’s economic recovery, growth and diversification.

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Investing in our future: Attracting opportunity and capital to Alberta

Alberta is standing on the edge of a field of investment opportunity. We sat down with leaders in investment attraction to explore opportunities to position Alberta for a strong economic future.

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Riding the “spectrum” waves to better connect Canada

To stay competitive in the economy of today and tommorow, staying connected is more important than ever. Learn more about why the fair regulation of spectrum is so important for Canada in building the connectivity infrastructure we need.

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The time to agree on childcare is now: our letter to the Prime Minister and Premier of Alberta.

As the voice of the Calgary business community, our letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Premier Jason Kenney calling for immediate agreement on providing quality, affordable, and accessible childcare for Albertan children.

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Alberta Legislature

Calgary Chamber urges focus on pandemic response and economic recovery during upcoming sitting of the Legislature

Alongside measures that will help businesses navigate pandemic response, the Chamber urges the province to focus on job creation, downtown revitalization and diversification to support long-term economic recovery and growth.

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