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June 28 2022

Sunesis Consulting: Chaos, Risk & Resiliency

Business team meeting in an modern, open space office.

By Lori Caltagirone, Sunesis Consulting

During the last three years Calgary businesses have gone through a lengthy list of challenges: a lingering global pandemic, global supply chain and logistical challenges, inflation veering into stagflation, the great resignation, sharp drops in share price and market capitalization, negative oil prices, negative investor sentiment, rising interest rates, shareholder activism, and so on. Any one of these challenges could undo an organization, let alone the compounding of them.

So many businesses have survived and even thrived amidst these challenges and so many have failed. What was the difference? Why was one business fragile and another one robust?

As Sunesis is committed to “empowering companies to empower the economy”, we want to hear directly from you what critical factors were essential in your ability to handle and navigate these challenges. It is also important to understand whether formalized risk management practices brought value and served the Calgary business community, or whether they were irrelevant and failed to inform the necessary strategic and operational decision.

Additionally, as organizations continue to exercise cost control practices, it is helpful for Calgary companies to benchmark their own level of investment in risk management programs against peers. We would love your input on 5 key questions and look forward to sharing the results in the next blog.

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