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Connecting Commerce

How it works

Connecting Commerce brings your business online. Calgary students will work with your business to bring all your products online and set up your custom online store.

How it works

Apply to program

Fill out the application form telling us why your business would benefit from an online store.

Initial kick-off meeting

Once your business is accepted into the program, you will meet with the Connecting Commerce team to go over the timeline, deliverables, and answer any questions you may have. In this meeting you will meet the student who will be working on your site.

Site building

The student will load all your items and product info onto the site while setting up branding, ensuring alignment with current brand. The student will then work with you to create a basic marketing plan to promote your site.

Hand off

Once the site has been completed the student will train you on how to keep the site up to date moving forward. The student will then pass over all site information to the business.

Run online store

Your business now has an additional potential stream of revenue and brand awareness with your new online store.

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Ready to grow your business through ecommerce?