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CEO Peer Mentoring

Get your own department of pros who know

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CEO Peer Mentoring is ideal for business owners, senior leaders, and CEOs. This program will give you support in all facets of your business in a safe and confidential environment.

What is peer mentoring?

The Chamber’s peer mentoring program is designed to create a supportive and confidential environment for business leaders. Participants share challenges and learning with help and insights from peers.

Our Peer Mentoring program gives you a personal sounding board to solve problems, enhance business processes, strengthen strategy and encourage innovation. In a confidential setting, you can celebrate the wins, sometimes vent about the hard stuff, and generally be supported by fellow career-focused thinkers who are dealing with the same tough challenges as you.

We aim to enhance and develop key management, supervisory and leadership skills through workshops and subject matter experts alongside the peer learning process.

The CEO Peer Group will be receiving training in a range of essential executive skills. The skills that will be covered over 12 months (4 hours per month) in this program are:

This is an exclusive program at the Chamber for a select group of business leaders. It is professionally chaired by a certified Edward Lowe PeerSpectives® facilitator to ensure equitable participation and ongoing support between meetings.

Who Should Attend

What You Get

A seat at a “table” made up of a consistent group of participants who get to know each other and their businesses in depth over the course of their participation in the program.


Each participant is committed to being available for one 4 hour meeting, once a month. New participants are able to join at anytime.


$2,499/year +gst

*You may qualify for the Alberta Job Grant to cover a good portion of your investment in the program. Learn more here.

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Peer Mentoring is available for any business large or small.