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Elevate: Small Business Summit

October 20, 2022 | 8:30AM - 5:30PM

Small businesses are the beating heart of our economy, accounting for over 95 percent of businesses in Calgary. From tech and agriculture to wellness services and restaurants, the diversity of business ventures is vast. But small businesses grapple with many of the same questions: how to market products and services in an increasingly globalized and digital economy? What to do about rising costs and razor-thin profit margins? How to attract and keep great people? Elevate unpacks these topics – and more – as we bring together Calgary’s small businesses for key conversations on things that matter to entrepreneurs and start-ups that are integral to our city’s prosperity and vibrancy.

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Elevate: Small Business Summit brings a full roster of entrepreneurs, creators, and innovators to the main stage for a day of captivating conversations and thought-provoking content.

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Event Topics

How businesses can build resiliency during times of uncertainty

From connectFirst Credit Union
Thought leaders will take the stage for a conversation that will assist small business owners build resiliency for their businesses and shift their mindset to see opportunity.

Talent and Recruitment

Tackling talent - Attracting, reskilling, retaining - How Calgary can bridge the talent gap

While Calgary businesses are booming, especially in industries such as tech and clean energy, attracting, nurturing, reskilling, and retaining high-end talent is more important than ever before. Supporting the growth of Calgary’s future leading businesses begins and ends with our community’s ability to market our city, not only to possible future Calgarians, but also to homegrown talent. Join us for this important conversation where we analyze how we are attracting and retaining talent, and what more our business community can do to ensure Calgary has the most robust talent pool nationally and across the globe.

Small business growth through social media

Accelerating small business growth through social media

A good digital presence can make or break a young business, and it can drive the success of any business no matter the age or size. Today, social media is no longer just about building community and brand recognition, it is about making the sale. According to a TikTok study released earlier this year, many users begin their path to purchase on social platforms, and 35% of TikTok users buy something they see on the platform. The result: in 2022, a brands social media presence is a necessity.

But how do small business owners, with limited resources and capacity, keep up with social trends, showcase their business, and set up a social media friendly online store? In this panel discussion you will hear from business leaders who have built strong brands through social media and learn from experts who can get you on a path to becoming a better social media marketer.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace

How building an equity, diversity, and inclusion informed culture will support your business

Implementing meaningful equity, diversity, and inclusion practices in your workplace can be a challenging, yet rewarding process. In 2022, it is an essential part of doing business, however, a major roadblock for many smaller businesses is knowing where to start.

Join our expert panel for a conversation about how understanding equity, diversity, and inclusion is essential to drive meaningful action in your company, and how implementing an equity, diversity, and inclusion informed culture can kickstart new practices and make your business a better place to attract and retain talent.

Streamline your business with new technology

Streamlining your business with new technologies

Process automation, virtual assistants, cloud based storage, mobile working... the list goes on. No matter what industry you do business in, there is some kind of new tech that can help you do it better, be more efficient, and in many cases, save money. Join us for a conversation that highlights the ways you can streamline doing business with a panel of experts that have explored the benefits and challenges of integrating technologies into every day business life.

Mental Health

Mental health practices for the modern entrepeneur

Launching and running a businesses can be lonely and isolating during the best of times. But with the ongoing turbulence of the COVID-19 Pandemic, business leaders know that this is not a sprint, but a marathon. The mental health of Calgary's business community is a direct reflection of its economic health. In this panel discussion, we will hear about the ways in which some business leaders are prioritizing their health, and the health of their teams, and learn what we can do better as we move forward into another year of possible uncertainties.

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