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June 25 2024 Saher Aiam

Featured Member: Nutters Everyday Naturals

Nutters Everyday Naturals storefront in Medicine Hat

Nutters Everyday Naturals started from humble beginnings in the small town of Medicine Hat when founder Donald Cranston saw a need for affordable bulk baking ingredients like flour and sugar. It became the baking headquarters for Western Canada for years and planted the seeds for something much bigger. Nutters has blossomed into a destination for healthy living across the entire region and is known for its natural, speciality and wellness products.

A unique niche and balanced approach 

As Nutters was establishing itself as a supplier for basic baking staples, the company expanded its vision. They realized there were two distinct customer groups to cater to: the traditional shoppers looking for everyday value, and the health-conscious consumers seeking natural, specialty products. Rather than focusing solely on one segment, Nutters carved out its own unique niche under Donald’s leadership. They preached the balanced approach, offering indulgent baking treats alongside a wide selection of health foods and dietary specialty items. This allowed Nutters to give customers the best of both worlds.

This balanced philosophy proved incredibly successful. Nutters permitted small indulgences for customers, while also providing nutritious alternatives for those with specific dietary needs and restrictions.

“We really serve a good need for people with restrictions,” says Brad Winsor, President of Nutters Everyday Naturals, “and also for people who like to do baking and have some treats once in a while.”

A personalized customer experience 

Nutters’ differentiation goes beyond just its product mix. In an era dominated by impersonal big box stores, the team has prioritized building genuine relationships with customers through personalized service.

“The employees know the customers by name and may spend a half hour or 45 minutes with each individual customer to help them out,” he says. “They do not do it for any other reason than to help people improve their lives. I have seen that right across in the entire health food industry.”

It’s this human touch that keeps Nutters customers coming back repeatedly. After 40 years of fostering these community connections, Nutters has become a go-to retailer for natural, specialty and wellness products across Western Canada.

Just two years ago, the company opened its first franchise in 20 years, with plans for 60 locations across the region in the next five years.

“Our plan is to expand within Western Canada right now. This is where we grew up; I guess you'd say this is our home,” says Brad.

“We're looking to build some stronger foundations with our processes, marketing and operations and really pulling it all together into an easily duplicatable system.” The goal is to establish a turnkey franchise model that new owners can seamlessly integrate into their local communities while staying true to Nutters’ origins.

A headquarters in Calgary

Nutters is also putting down permanent footprints right here in Calgary, opening a second headquarters in Calgary alongside the original Medicine Hat home base. This Calgary presence will deepen Nutters’ ties to the local business community through involvement with organizations like the Calgary Chamber.

By fostering these new connections, Nutters hopes to play a role in diversifying the provincial economy beyond traditional sectors. "It's not just about retail anymore,” says Brad. “It's about business in general."

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