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Gearing up for Growth

Recommendations for the City of Calgary to support the continued recovery and resilience of businesses

The City of Calgary’s (City’s) 2023-2026 Service Plans and Budgets, One Calgary 2023-2026, set to be released in Fall 2022, will be pivotal to Calgary’s sustained economic recovery and long-term resilience. Municipal Service Plans and Budgets have a profound impact on the business community, developing a strategy and allocating spending to ensure our city thrives.

One Calgary 2023-2026 presents an important opportunity for the municipal government to be the gear that spurs action and alignment among businesses and Calgarians, developing a shared vision and action plan for Calgary’s future. Building a vibrant and prosperous Calgary requires collaboration, meaningful consultation, and the development of thoughtful policy solutions to address shared issues. As convenors and catalysts for business, the Calgary Chamber has worked alongside our members to provide an opportunity for businesses to voice concerns and priorities directly with City Council and Administration.

Developing the City’s next four-year plan is a key opportunity to put Calgary into sixth gear, accelerating our growth and positioning us to thrive today and tomorrow.

Through a survey of the business community, several roundtables, and secondary research, the Calgary Chamber heard businesses’ concerns, the City’s plans, and our shared priorities for One Calgary 2023-2026. From these conversations, four critical priorities emerged. With input from our business community, we’ve crafted policy recommendations that outline a guide to help achieve our shared goal: a vibrant, inclusive, and prosperous Calgary.

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