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Innovation and the Future of ESG

Innovation and the Future of ESG

April 17, 2023

As the world seeks solutions to decrease emissions, one thing is clear: the only way it happens is through collaboration – within industry, amongst different sectors and including academia. Additionally, as a province that is tied to a global market and therefore are price takers, this topic will explore how we fit into the global energy market.

Advancements in Transportation

Advancements in Transportation

Trains, planes and automobiles; getting from “point A” to “point B” has never been so easy. Doing so with a low-carbon footprint, however, adds a new layer of complexity and opportunity. Hear from leading organizations on their efforts to drive down emissions through technological advancements across the transportation sector. Whether it’s charging stations for EVs, biofuels or the need to develop sustainable aviation fuel for the airline industry and the potential of hydrogen to power the railroads, this panel will delve into what the next era of transportation will look like.

A Conversation with Minister Glubish

Join Calgary Chamber President and CEO, Deborah Yedlin in a fireside chat with the Hon. Nate Glubish, Minister of Technology and Innovation, as they dive into how Alberta companies are developing and implementing technology to accelerate our economic future - from driving down emissions to adopting AI to creating circular economies.

The Case for Electrification

The Case for Electrification

With the growing demand to electrify our energy sources – particularly within the transportation, building and heavy industrial sectors – balancing the necessity to meet ambitious climate goals while providing affordable, reliable and responsibly produced energy remains critical to the success of our economy and the businesses that are part of it. It’s not an easy task – covering the need for new infrastructure, storage, critical minerals and streamlined permitting processes. Join us for a discussion on the current state of electrification and what business leaders can expect for the next decade.

Exploring Economic Inclusion

This discussion will have a unique focus on the opportunities that are growing for Indigenous communities to participate in development and infrastructure opportunities, highlighting the recent transaction between Enbridge and Athabasca Indigenous Investments.

Trade-Off Between Fuel and Food

Energy and food: two of the most valuable commodities on earth and the backbone of Alberta’s economy. But as the world looks to decarbonize, and increase the supply of biofuels used for transportation, tensions will be inevitable. It doesn’t need to be that way. There are synergies and opportunities between the two sectors as they each seek to increase production and yields while decreasing emissions. Yet, through innovation, we have seen the energy and agricultural sectors increase yields, lower emissions and feed and fuel the world. This is a conversation about the important intersection between energy and agriculture, exploring synergies and opportunities for collaboration.

A Spotlight on the S & G

A trusted Environment, Social, and Governance track record has become essential for investment and resource development in Canada. Yet, often the ‘S’ and the ‘G’ are lost in the conversation, despite the headway of industry and the many partners pushing for a more inclusive future. Join us to understand the progress made and what more needs to be accomplished, discussed by S&G leaders from various industries.

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