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July 9 2024 Saher Aiam

Featured Member: Driverseat

Driverseat is a dynamic personal transportation company that has expanded its services to over 400 communities across North America. With a mission centred around out-carrying the competition, Driverseat integrates a care-based approach into its governance model and company culture, ensuring that safety, dependability and outstanding customer service are unparalleled.

Core principles and company culture

“The core principles of Driverseat are putting people first—being trustworthy, accountable, authentic and driven. These are all reflected in every aspect of our operations,” says Matt Bourdot, CEO of Driverseat in Calgary.

The team at Driverseat takes pride in its innovative approach, offering various chauffeur services that are adaptable and customizable to meet diverse needs. They provide personalized private charter services for small and medium-sized groups. These include airport shuttles, corporate transportation, wedding shuttles, events and tours.

Franchise and leadership

Matt’s interest in the Driverseat franchise stemmed from his goal of establishing a dependable and customer-focused transportation option, disrupting the traditional model here in Alberta.

“I was initially drawn to Driverseat by my passion for customer service and the strong desire to innovate within Alberta's transportation sector,” he says.

What keeps Matt engaged in his role is the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with clients and provide exceptional service.

“Whether it's ensuring safe travels home or timely arrivals at important meetings, I find great satisfaction in witnessing the positive impact of our services. The dynamic and evolving nature of this industry provides an engaging environment where I can drive change and deliver on our commitment to a customer-centric approach to transportation solutions.”

Strategic locations and community integration

Driverseat operates three strategically located terminals in Calgary and Airdrie: Driverseat Northwest, Driverseat Southwest and Driverseat Airdrie. These hubs play a crucial role in enhancing the company's success and mission by allowing efficient deployment of services across a wide area, ensuring prompt and reliable transportation. The terminals serve as local touchpoints, fostering strong community relationships and enhancing responsiveness to customer needs. Additionally, they support effective fleet management, ensuring that vehicles are always ready to deliver.

“Airdrie, being just outside of Calgary, allows us to cover everything north of Calgary, while Calgary itself is the hub of activities, especially in tourism and weddings. Locations like Banff, Cochrane and Okotoks are key areas we serve. And living out this way made it a sensible choice for our primary office in Tuscany.”

A key differentiator for Driverseat is its unwavering commitment to custom care and innovation.

"We emphasize personal service, ensuring each ride is tailored to meet our customers' unique needs and preferences," says Matt.

The company’s selection and training process for chauffeurs ensures that drivers are not only skilled and professional but also empathetic and attentive to customers’ needs. This commitment to quality extends to their fleet, maintained to the highest standards of safety, cleanliness and comfort.

Community engagement and partnerships

Driverseat is deeply engaged in several community initiatives and partnerships, reflecting its commitment to the local area.

The company is a proud member of multiple Chambers of Commerce within southern Alberta, dedicated to fostering business growth and networking opportunities. Partnerships with key organizations such as Tourism Calgary, Cochrane Tourism, Sports Calgary and Indigenous Tourism Alberta (ITA)—as well as sponsoring the Calgary Rugby Union—demonstrate Driverseat's pledge to promoting regional tourism and supporting local activities and attractions. The company has also established preferred partnerships with prominent event centers and venues across southern Alberta, enhancing accessibility and convenience for customers and strengthening involvement with local events and community engagement.

Current milestones and future plans

With significant milestones, including securing robust business partnerships and becoming a preferred vendor for premium event venues, Driverseat is now the chosen local transportation provider for a large international travel company, catering to all their international guests visiting the province. Additionally, their successful management of transportation for large golf tours in southern Alberta has only aided in their ability to manage complex planning and deliver exceptional service for high-profile events.

Looking ahead, Driverseat aims to expand its service offerings to reach a broader audience within the community. A key goal for 2024 is to increase its presence in corporate transportation, providing specialized services for business clients, including reliable employee transportation. The company is also committed to continuing its involvement with local community initiatives, reinforcing its role as a responsible and supportive local business. Particularly enthusiastic about partnering more with ITA, Matt notes the importance of promoting the amazing experiences that the Indigenous community of Alberta has to offer.

As a member of the Calgary Chamber, Matt touches on the value he finds in the opportunities to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, stay informed about regional business trends and participate in initiatives that support the local economy.

"We believe in the importance of community engagement and the value of networking with other businesses. The resources, advocacy and support that the Chamber offers help us grow and better serve our clients.”

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