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March 26 2024 Salomé Créange

North Water: Using the ENMAX Amplifier Fund for sustainable progress

North Water bottles

Nearly a year has passed since North Water received the ENMAX Amplifier Fund, marking a significant milestone for the Calgary-based company. Reflecting on this achievement, the Calgary Chamber recently caught up with Saawan Logan, CEO and Co-Founder of North Water, to delve into the company's progress and future aspirations.

Advancing sustainability and giving back

When receiving the grant, one of North Water's primary objectives was to support Water First, their partnering charity dedicated to providing access to clean drinking water for First Nation communities.

“We gave a small portion of the funds to Water First as a way of saying thank you for making a difference in Canada,” says Saawan.

The ENMAX Amplifier Fund was also a way to make North Water more sustainable. “It’s important for us to improve sustainability,” she says. As part of this effort, North Water examined its operations to identify areas for improvement, particularly in terms of waste.

“We identified certain areas where we were wasting resources and decided to implement control valves. These valves allow us to measure our waste and usage more accurately. We've used control valves to regulate our water supply, turning it on and off when necessary.”

The remaining funds have been allocated toward initiating a life cycle analysis, a critical step in enhancing product quality and environmental consciousness.

“How do we make our products better?” asks Saawan. By the end, her goal is to help customers understand her product from start to finish: Where the bottle comes from, what happens to it afterward, and how it impacts the company’s footprint.

A growing, diverse team in Canada

A year ago, Saawan expressed the ambition to hire 60 additional Calgarians over the next two years —a goal that is steadily coming to fruition. “We have more than doubled the team,” she proudly states. “We are growing a company.”

And not only is North Water growing; it's also proud to call Calgary home.

Saawan reflects on her own journey, expressing gratitude. “When I first moved to Calgary, someone gave me a chance. I'm very grateful that I can extend that opportunity to somebody else and hopefully make a meaningful impact in their lives.” She also takes pride in highlighting that everyone at North Water is a first-generation Canadian. This diversity of backgrounds not only enriches the company's identity but also strengthens its commitment to inclusivity and shared success within the community.

North Water's journey: From local roots to global recognition

Following the ENMAX Amplifier Fund announcement, Saawan noticed increased exposure and was able to develop new partnerships here in Calgary.

“We're very proud to be a Calgary-based company. Being able to share our story is the best thing we can do to create our community.”

That said, North Water still has a long journey ahead.

One of their goals is to keep expanding North Water internationally, by implementing strategic placement in key locations within Canada, such as Banff and remote areas, which attract visitors from around the globe.

Saawan emphasizes the convenience of carrying their North Water bottle while traveling. “You can take your North Water bottle back home with you on the plane. You can refill it and keep it with you.”

She also notes the importance of creating more awareness of their brand here at home. “Our goal is to enhance brand awareness across Canada and ultimately become synonymous with Canadian quality. When people think of Canada, we want them to think of North Water.”

Gearing up for the announcement of the 2024 winner of the ENMAX Amplifier Fund, Saawan is excited to see how the next winner uses the $25,000. “I'm curious to see who the next winner is and how they celebrate their win—it's definitely a great recognition. It's such an amazing little step to take in our journey. And for that, I'm super grateful!”.

For more information about North Water, check out their video profile from last year, and visit