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Our Natural Resources

Canada has an opportunity lead in natural resource development AND solving climate change through innovation. Yet, we’re getting in our own way.

The issue

We are at a crossroads. Our natural resource economy supports Canadian families from coast to coast, providing millions of direct and indirect jobs and contributing taxes and royalties to provincial and federal governments. At the same time, climate change is the issue of our time, underpinning nearly all the major challenges we currently face as businesses and a society.

For our province and our country to thrive, we must be able to lead in both natural resource development AND solving climate change through innovation.

With a focused, market-based approach we can be a leader in energy innovation, production and distribution. This includes making calculated policy decisions that set up the entire industry for success. Moving policies forward with this focus will increase competition that will lead to further innovation within our borders while allowing Canada the opportunity to simultaneously grow our economy, invest in infrastructure and social programs, and fight climate change.

Tackling climate change is crucially important and cannot employ an “either or” mentality. This is especially true when our national economy depends so strongly on the development of our natural resources — from oil and gas to agriculture, to nuclear, to renewable energy.

Our solution

We need a future national vision for Canada’s natural resources. Government, civil society and business all have vital roles to play. Now more than ever, we must come together and set the future course for our economy and the environment.

The Chamber advocates for moving forward with vision and decisive action to ensure Canada is competitive, relevant, and nationally and globally responsible.

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Chamber in action

Major themes and takeaways

Agriculture Summit

On January 16, 2020, over 550 industry leaders and policy makers gathered for an important conversation about how Canada can nourish the world ‘AND’ have sustainable agricultural practices, while remaining competitive on the global stage.

What we learned

Major themes and takeaways

Natural Resources Summit

On October 2, 2019, leaders from across the country discussed and demonstrated the diversity of our natural resource industry and how we can lead the fight against climate change.

Key takeaways

Our open letter to Canadians

Dear Canada

In the lead up to the federal election of 2019, we encouraged all Canadians to vote for our natural resource economy AND innovation to fight climate change.

Read our letter

Our natural resources

Latest updates

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Lalli: Together, we need to create a national vision for resource development

This op-ed was originally published by the Calgary Herald on February 29, 2020.

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