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Get your own department of pros who know

Peer Mentoring gives you access to seasoned leaders.

Peer Mentoring

As a participant, you’ll join a ‘table’ of a consistent group of peers. Over the course of a year, you will become familiar with each other and their businesses. Peer Mentoring is a year long program with meetings occurring once a month.  Peer Mentoring utilizes the Edward Lowe Foundation’s internationally recognized methodology of peer learning programs. You’ll learn from business decisions other’s have made, leveraging your peers’ experiences to support positive outcomes for you and your business.

Celebrate wins

Take time to acknowledge the wins within amongst a group of peers.

Overome challenges

Work through business hurdles through insights and experience of your peers at the table.

Develop skills

Learn leadership and management skills from peers.

Confidential setting

Share your business challenges in a supportive, confidential setting.

Spur innovation

Get inspired by peers and implement new processes into your business.

Grow your network

Connect with peers on an intimate level and truly understand their business needs.



CEO Peer Mentoring

Ideal for business owners and CEO’s looking to for support in business challenges.

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Peer Mentoring program is for Chamber members.