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January 16 2020

Nourishing the world AND tackling climate change: Canadian agriculture is ready to lead

Calgary Chamber convenes business and policy leaders to chart future vision for the industry 

CALGARY – Can Canada nourish the world, maintain sustainable agriculture practices AND remain competitive on the global stage? Leaders from Canada’s agriculture and agri-food sectors convene today at Canada’s Agriculture Summit, hosted by the Calgary Chamber of Commerce as part of the Canadians for Natural Resources initiative, to share insights and expertise on technological innovation, the future of the industry, and the challenges and opportunities that face Canada’s natural resource economy.

“The goal of the summit is to encourage thoughtful dialogue around the scale and competitiveness of Canadian agriculture, the innovative technologies that are shaking up the industry, and how we can continue to protect and grow our presence on the global stage,” says Sandip Lalli, President & CEO, Calgary Chamber of Commerce. “As the Chamber, we have an important role to play in enabling these conversations among leaders in one of Canada’s top industries.”

The agriculture and agri-food industry is the fifth largest contributor to the Canadian economy, accounting for 6.7 per cent of GDP and employing over 2.3 million people. In addition, companies in the space have embraced innovative technologies in data sciences and environmental conservation, allowing them to grow competitively and responsibly.

“We seek to inform the decisions that are taking place about Canada’s natural resource economy, of which agriculture is a major player,” adds Lalli. “We will work together towards a national vision for the future of our natural resources.”

Canada’s Agriculture Summit brings together industry leaders, policy makers, and the public to engage and gain a deeper understanding of the opportunities and challenges facing Canadian agriculture. Summit attendees will hear from top agriculture players and thought leaders, including:

Keynotes and Speakers

Panels and Panelists

Trade Agreements and Goods to Market

Innovation and Agri-Foods

Cooperatives: Increasing Competitiveness and Nourishing the World

Following the conclusion of Canada’s Agriculture Summit, a clear summation and framework will be shared with attendees to inform and enable conversations that will continue across the country.

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