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February 24 2020

We must reconcile natural resource development AND solve climate change through innovation: Teck’s withdrawal of Frontier is a clear signal

Solving climate change must be top priority, states Calgary Chamber of Commerce

CALGARY – “The political rhetoric, on all sides, that has engulfed our province, especially around climate change, has only served to further entrench the damaging perception that governments are, at best, incapable of adapting to changing expectations from stakeholders and global capital markets, or at worse unwilling to.

“Teck’s recent decision to withdraw the Frontier oil sands project is a clear signal that more anger and louder voices are not in the best interest of our citizens.

“In order for our province and our country to thrive, we can and we must be able to lead in natural resource development AND solve climate change through innovation. Canadian businesses know this, and the global marketplace is demanding it, yet the rhetoric by political leaders is severely hindering any future progress.

“The ones who bear the brunt are the companies who are trying to grow and the families they employ, who are working harder and harder to keep their households and kitchen tables healthy.

“If Teck – a Canadian company that is over a century old and was recognized as one of the 2019 Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations – could not move a project after nine years of work to demonstrate commercial viability, unprecedented support from Indigenous communities, and strong social and environmental commitments, then future projects are unlikely to fare any better.

“To quote Teck directly, Frontier could not move forward because we, as a province and as a country, have been unable ‘to have a framework in place that reconciles resource development AND climate change’. The political rhetoric has only served to push these two goals further apart, when we should be working together, and as hard as we can, towards being leaders on both fronts.

“We need real, decisive action on climate change, with tangible outcomes and conviction. The success of our businesses, the well-being of our families, and our strength as a country all depend on it.”

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