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March 25 2021

Carbon tax ruling requires Canada to tackle climate change through collaboration across federation, with business community

The following statement is attributable to Murray Sigler, interim CEO of the Calgary Chamber of Commerce:

Calgary, March 25, 2021 – “Climate change is a critical and complex national issue that must be addressed, while ensuring certainty and stability for business. Today’s decision by the Supreme Court of Canada regarding the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act provides clarity for businesses, but will require close collaboration with businesses to ensure they can remain competitive going forward.

“Canadian businesses have already made incredible progress in the fight against climate change. For this progress to continue, there must be further analysis and more consultation to ensure businesses are supported through the transition to a low-carbon economy—particularly following the challenges faced by many during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“With a focused, transparent and collaborative approach across the federation, governments can make effective policy decisions that prioritize innovation and support the success and competitiveness of Canada’s industries.

“The Calgary Chamber remains committed and ready to work with the federal and provincial governments to identify economic opportunities that allow us to fight climate change and sustainably develop our resources, while ensuring certainty and stability for business.”

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