July 6 2022

Collaboration with businesses key to Calgary Climate Strategy implementation

Calgary City Hall

Calgary, July 6, 2022 – The success of City Council’s Calgary Climate Strategy (CCS) approved yesterday is dependent on a strategy and implementation plan, developed in collaboration with businesses, to provide certainty and predictability.

The Strategy, which establishes a city-wide emissions target of a 60 per cent reduction in GHG emissions below 2005 levels by 2030 and net-zero by 2050, focuses on climate mitigation and adaptation actions. The estimated cost of $87 billion would be borne by all orders of government alongside the private sector. The CCS also describes an estimated $72 billion in energy savings associated with the CCS, with a further $25 billion in net savings by avoiding the impact of climate-related disasters.

Business participation and partnership is essential to the successful implementation of the CCS. As The City moves from strategy development to budget discussions that will support implementation, we urge collaboration, clarity, and consistency for businesses based on the following principles:

“We know addressing climate change has become table stakes for companies and the jurisdictions in which they are based. Calgary is no exception. This work sends a signal to the world – and the talent we need to attract to our city – that Calgary is ready to follow through on its climate commitments with action and impact,” says Deborah Yedlin, President and CEO of the Calgary Chamber of Commerce. “To meaningfully contribute, businesses require regulatory certainty from all levels of government. That’s the only way they can risk capital for investment that spans a time frame beyond the election cycle – and makes a difference.”

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