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August 18 2021

Business focused on sustainable economic recovery this federal election

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Calgary, Edmonton, August 18, 2021 – Today, the Calgary and Edmonton Chambers of Commerce co-release their federal election platform, “From Challenge to Change”.

The two Chambers have united to speak with one voice, urging all federal parties seeking election to adopt business-forward policies that will result in Canada making transformative changes that will enable our economic recovery and cement our position as a world leader in sustainable growth, innovation, talent and investment attraction.

“There has been a lot of talk about building back better, but the reality is we need to build back smarter too,” says Calgary Chamber President & CEO, Deborah Yedlin. “Alongside the economic recovery, we need to proactively change how we develop and attract talent, while eliminating systemic barriers to investment, trade and labour flows. We need to do all these things – in addition to leading the fight against climate change to ensure our economic prosperity is sustainable.”

The Chambers have identified five key focus areas, calling on government to:

  1. Concentrate on economic recovery and diversification 
  2. Develop talent, skills, and jobs 
  3. Address impacts and opportunities of climate change 
  4. Create a competitive finance and taxation system 
  5. Expand trade and market access and improve supply chains 

“With these focus areas in mind, we know our nation’s leaders will be required to navigate significant challenges, using what we have learned during these extraordinary times to propel our nation – and business community – to positive change,” says Jeffrey Sundquist, President & CEO of the Edmonton Chamber. “We need federal parties to adopt policies that fortify our position as dynamic and innovative leaders on the world stage. Otherwise, we risk watching from the sidelines as other nations outpace our economic growth.”

Read the full platform

About the Calgary Chamber 

The Calgary Chamber is an independent non-profit, non-partisan business organization. For 130 years the Chamber has worked to build a business community that nourishes, powers and inspires the world.

About the Edmonton Chamber 

The Edmonton Chamber of Commerce supports and enhances the Edmonton Metropolitan Region business community by advocating for conditions that ensure competitiveness, delivering exceptional educational experiences, and connecting people and businesses—all in a socially responsible manner. It is what we do, and we have been doing it for over 130 years.

Both the Calgary and Edmonton Chambers are non-partisan organizations and do not endorse any political party or any candidate seeking elected office.

For media inquires, please contact or at 403-750-0414.

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