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November 5 2021

Hydrogen roadmap promises the full package, economic opportunity, jobs, lower-emissions future

Hydrogen production

The Calgary Chamber of Commerce’s President and CEO, Deborah Yedlin, issued the following statement on the Government of Alberta's Hydrogen Roadmap:

Calgary, November 5, 2021 - “The province’s Hydrogen Roadmap released today represents a strong path forward to reach Alberta’s potential in the development of a clean and abundant natural resource. With the growth of the global hydrogen market estimated at $2.5 trillion in the next 30 years, Alberta is uniquely positioned to play a key role. Not only do we have the Alberta Carbon Trunk Line, which has the capacity to annually transport 14.6 mm tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions, Alberta has a proven regulatory framework, the required expertise and an abundant supply of hydrogen – all of which vaults the province into the position of being a leader in the global hydrogen market.

“With long-term global energy demand showing no signs of slowing, clean energy resources like hydrogen will be critical to meeting net-zero targets within Canada and around the world. If we can mobilize the potential of hydrogen in Alberta, it will mean jobs, innovation and investment alongside a critical opportunity to strengthen Alberta’s reputation as a responsible and sustainable energy producer.

“Industry investment in hydrogen development is already happening in Alberta, with companies like Suncor and ATCO announcing large-scale hydrogen projects in recent months. Today’s Hydrogen Roadmap tabled by the province and the Hydrogen Strategy for Canada released by the federal government in December 2020 both focus on unlocking hydrogen’s potential as a key driver of sustainable economic recovery and growth. Early actions from industry and government are promising indicators we can grow our economy, while meeting global energy demands sustainably and responsibly.”

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