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December 11 2020

Through action and collaboration, Canada can tackle climate challenge and seize its economic opportunities

Calgary, December 11, 2020 – “Climate change is a critical global issue that must be addressed, as well as an economic opportunity that we cannot miss. The Calgary Chamber welcomes additional plans from the federal government on this front. We urge increased consultation with business as these plans are implemented, to ensure jobs are created, certainty is provided, and innovation is prioritized.

“With a focused and transparent approach, we can lead the fight against climate change through innovation. This includes making calculated policy decisions that set up entire industries to be successful and competitive.

“With this in mind, we urge the federal government to:

“Moving policies forward with a market-based focus will increase competition that will lead to further innovation within our borders while allowing Canada the opportunity to simultaneously grow our economy, invest in our communities, and fight climate change.

“The arrival of vaccines against COVID-19 within months is an example of the tremendous progress we can make when government and business work together towards a joint, clear goal.

“The Calgary Chamber remains committed and ready to work with the government to identify economic opportunities that allow us to fight climate change and sustainably develop our resources.”

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