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December 16 2020

Hydrogen strategy shows recognition and commitment to Canada's leadership opportunity in a lower-emissions future

The following statement is attributable to Murray Sigler, interim CEO, Calgary Chamber of Commerce:

Calgary, December 16, 2020 – “The Hydrogen Strategy for Canada, released today, is a recognition of – and commitment to – Canada’s leadership potential in sustainable resource development and combatting climate change through innovation.

“By investing $1.5 billion into Canada’s hydrogen opportunity, the federal government has incorporated economic opportunity into a broader national vision of achieving net-zero emissions by 2030.

“Hydrogen is a source of power that will assist in our transition to a sustainable energy future. As a leader in natural gas production and with expertise in energy innovation, Alberta is particularly well-positioned to harness this opportunity. In addition, the hydrogen strategy presented today builds on important work to diversify within the energy sector, leverage the critical skills and expertise within Alberta, and create jobs in the future energy economy.

“As this strategy is implemented, we encourage the federal government to work with Alberta companies to leverage best practices in energy innovation, ensure adoption of hydrogen technology, and work collaboratively towards a lower-emissions future.

“Today’s announcement is a strong first step in positioning Canada as one of the top three global clean hydrogen producers, and we look forward to working with the federal government to ensure the details of this strategy support certainty and investment attraction for Canadian business.

“For a deeper dive into Canada’s and Alberta’s hydrogen opportunity, see our recent article Hydrogen: Alberta’s next big opportunity? published in the latest edition of the Chamber’s quarterly policy newsletter, Influence.”

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