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December 21 2023

Calgary Chamber comments on Federal Electric Vehicle Availability Standard

The following statement is attributable to Deborah Yedlin, President and CEO of the Calgary Chamber of Commerce:  

“The decarbonization of Canada's economy is crucial for both our short and long-term prosperity. As the transportation sector continues to innovate and invest in emissions reducing technologies, incentivizing the development and procurement of low carbon vehicles and the associated infrastructure is essential. However, without a clear path to accommodate increased electricity demand that will accompany the Electric Vehicle Availability Standard (EVAS), in addition to the associated supply chain constraints, and the overall costs for businesses, the EVAS raises significant concerns for the business community – and the economy, writ large. The EVAS comes at a time where there has yet to be sufficient clarity regarding the proposed Clean Electricity Regulations (CER) and will only add to existing investment uncertainty, particularly in regions of the country where natural resources are critical to meeting electricity demand.

“Policymakers must consider regional grid capacity and the significant infrastructure investments and technology advancements necessary to bolster the viability of low carbon and electric vehicles. Maintaining an affordable and reliable grid is critical to attracting the investment needed to grow Alberta’s economy. Overly restrictive policies with insufficient financial supports and without a clear path for critical inputs, like charging infrastructure, the expansion of grid capacity and addition of transmission lines undermines investor confidence and hinders business growth.

“Businesses are already challenged with rising costs related to increased utility prices. More than 44 per cent of Calgary businesses cite more expensive inputs as a concern, including electricity costs. Moreover, the layering of policies, including the proposed CER and oil and gas emissions cap, constrain businesses' ability to invest and innovate, affecting both consumers and businesses.

“We call on government to consult with the business community to further understand the pressure points to low carbon vehicle adoption, to incentivize investment in grid capacity and charging infrastructure, while taking into account the very real regional differences in power generation and existing transmission constraints. We look forward to collaboration amongst government and business to meet collective emissions reduction goals.”


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