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Connect: Transportation & Logistics Summit

June 6, 2022 | 8:30AM - 4:30PM

Two Transportation & Logistics workers in a warehouse.

Canada’s transportation and logistics industry is the hub of economic exchange and foundational to a healthy economy. From rail and truck to water and airways, the industry moves over $1.2 trillion in goods each year and generates nearly one million jobs nationwide. Connect brings together key players in Canada’s transportation and logistics industry for future-focused conversations. We’ll dive into supply chain evolution, trade regulation, emissions reduction, and technology investment. We’ll explore what it will take to stay competitive and how we connect people and industry with commodities, goods, and services.

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Event Topics

The road ahead

With the world of transportation changing so rapidly, we often find ourselves flying the plane as we build it. In this panel, we’ll explore the opportunities and challenges on the horizon. We’ll discuss the trends and global forces shaping the way the world moves people and goods including consumer purchase patterns and expectations, the emergence of new technology, and the impact of urbanization.

Driving down emissions

With 25 per cent of Canada’s emissions attributable to the movement of goods by trucks, rail, ship or plane, the industry has worked to drive down emissions for decades. We’ll examine the path forward and speak to sector experts about what it will take to green the sector, despite the sector being capital intensive and resource constrained.

Connecting our global economy

Supply chains are the circulatory system of our global economy, enabling trade and economic activity between producers and consumers, and within domestic and international markets. It has also experienced unprecedented disruption in Canada and around the world: From the BC floods and CP Rail strike to a global pandemic and blockage of the Suez Canal, we’ll analyze what we’ve learned and how to build resilience within the sector.

Roadblocks and barricades

In a capital-intensive industry dominated by huge players, new entrants have been rare. But with the rise of the gig economy, innovative technology, and collaboration across the sector, transformation is knocking. We’ll look at some of the trends, opportunities, and strategies start-ups are using to enter the sector.

Beyond the hub and spoke

As the conduit between industries, economies, people and goods, the transportation and logistics sector is closely tied to the industries it connects. From clothing to natural resources to grain, we’ll hear from the companies that rely on warehousing and logistics to dive into the future of how we move, store, and secure goods.

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