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Cultivate: Agriculture Summit

April 5, 2022 | 8:30AM - 4:30PM

Canada is a major agricultural hub, producing and shipping nutritious products globally. Producers are leveraging technology to ensure our agriculture industry remains competitive and cutting-edge. As a top exporter of agricultural products in the world, Canada is uniquely positioned to reduce emissions, cultivate more efficient crops, and address the challenge of feeding a growing population through sustainable practices.

At Cultivate, we bring together all facets of Canada’s agriculture industry for a day focused on one of Canada’s backbone industries.

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Event Topics

Farm smarter, not harder

Technology is changing the way we do everything – and farming is no exception. Whether in crop production, livestock farming, or forestry, modern farms are using new information and communication technologies to increase the quantity and quality of their products. Join us as we dig into the foundations of smart farming and what’s on the horizon for agriculture.

Power Pitches

Technology is planting seeds of change within the agriculture sector. From cultivating crops and managing livestock to sourcing locally grown products and attracting new investment, this session spotlights companies applying innovation across the agri-food value chain. Meet a few creative thinkers transforming the agriculture sector to tackle the industry's most significant challenges.

The geopolitics of food security

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has forced nations to more closely examine the stability of their food sources and supply chains. Additionally, issues of climate change and international trade are spurring discourse around Canada’s role in addressing the global – and growing – demand for nutritious, affordable, and sustainable food. We’ll diver deeper into the current and evolving geopolitics of food security and the impact and implications for Canadian agriculture.

ESG: Planting seeds of sustainability

Agriculture companies are leading the way in adopting sustainability practices and developing new technology that drives down emissions. This panel will dive into the environment, social and governance metrics vital to attracting investment and fostering a more sustainable sector. The discussion will also explore what shifting to a regenerative and ESG-driven agriculture model could look like in your own farming operation.

Dollars and Cents of ag tech

Supply chains, inflation, and climate have all posed major challenges to the financial well-being of the agriculture sector. With significant barriers to accessing capital, it’s challenging to invest in technology that supports more efficient agriculture practices. By bringing together financial institutions and producers, we’ll explore how to bridge the gaps.

Cultivating a next gen workforce

With the sector posting the highest job vacancy rate of any industry pre-pandemic and a growing global population driving up demand for food, attracting and retaining talent is critical to a strong future for the agriculture industry. We’ll hear from labour and education experts on talent attraction and development and the future of work in agriculture.

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