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Solve climate change through innovation

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Through action and collaboration, Canada can tackle climate challenge and seize its economic opportunities

With a focused and transparent approach, we can lead the fight against climate change through innovation

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Calgary Chamber submission for Alberta's spring 2021 budget

As the voice of business in Calgary, our submission is based on feedback and inputs from our members and stakeholders.

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Hydrogen: Alberta’s next big opportunity?

Twenty-seven per cent of Canada’s energy demand could be met by blue hydrogen in 2050.

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Charting the future of construction from SE Calgary

Calgary-based Falkbuilt is changing how we build interior spaces

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Major moves in innovation position Calgary and Alberta for future growth

The momentum we have gained this week in the innovation space via announcements made by provincial, municipal, and private sector will be critical to advancing our potential.

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We must reconcile natural resource development AND solve climate change through innovation: Teck’s withdrawal of Frontier is a clear signal

Solving climate change must be top priority, states Calgary Chamber of Commerce

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Nourishing the world AND tackling climate change: Canadian agriculture is ready to lead

Calgary Chamber convenes business and policy leaders to chart future vision for the industry

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Throne speech sets stage for meaningful ‘AND’ conversations to move Canada forward

The Calgary Chamber of Commerce stands ready to work with the federal government to build a competitive future for Calgarians, Albertans, and all Canadians

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The ‘AND’ conversation critical to advancing Alberta’s interests as new federal cabinet is appointed

The Calgary Chamber of Commerce welcomes all newly and re-appointed ministers

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