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The latest from Calgary’s business community


Dive Deeper: How public transit can drive Calgary’s recovery

Take a deep dive into how investments in transit can help build Calgary’s vibrancy and support a recovery that connects all of us.

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Clean Fuel Regulations

Calgary Chamber of Commerce submission of feedback on draft regulations released December 19, 2020

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Meeting the challenge: The future of transportation and logistics

The transportation and logistics industry has been dealt both challenges and opportunities through the pandemic, and a bright future is on the horizon.

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Budget 2021 delivers on short- and medium-term business needs, bolder strategy needed for long-term growth and competitiveness

The provinical budget displays the severe hit our economy took over the past year, and simultaneously the need for bold thinking as we chart our path back towards a full, inclusive recovery.

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Calgary Chamber welcomes focus on economic recovery and inclusive growth in Canada-US partnership roadmap

The Calgary Chamber welcomes the focus on supporting Canadian and American businesses, ending the COVID-19 pandemic, and inclusive growth outlined in the Canada-US partnership roadmap.

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Calgary Chamber’s Submission on Budget 2021

Our submission to the Government of Canada’s Budget 2021 consultations reflects work with members, experts, and stakeholders to understand the opportunities and challenges facing Calgary’s business community.

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Your Guide to Accessing Canadian Small Business Grants

While there is no such thing as ‘free money,’ receiving a business grant is the next best thing. All they take is your time and preparation in accessing them.

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Tips: Data security on old electronics

Keeping unwanted electronic gadgets in your home or office increases the risk of loss or theft, both of which could lead to serious problems. Learn how to dispose your old electronics responsibly.

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Energized and leading the way: A bright energy future for Canada and Alberta

By leveraging our abundant natural resources, advanced skillset, and innovative spirit, we can lead and benefit from the low-carbon economy, within and beyond our traditional sectors of strength.

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