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Forging the future

Vibrant businesses lead to vibrant communities

Visionaries built Alberta with courage, grit and determination, working together to overcome all challenges, creating opportunity where generations enjoyed rewarding and fulfilling lives.

The time has come to harness our can-do attitude to forge a path that will nourish, power and inspire Albertans to build a new economic footprint that will rise as Canada’s shining star.

Bold actions to position Alberta for the future.

We need to harness the entrepreneurial spirit that has defined Alberta for generations in order to recover and emerge stronger and more united to take on the defining issues of our time.

As leading voices of Alberta business communities, we have taken the time to formulate recommendations in five key areas to create long-term stability and growth for Alberta’s economy.

Nourish key industries

Alberta is already a global leader in key industries the world counts on including energy, agriculture, transportation, forestry, tourism, healthcare and technology. We will nourish these industries into innovation super clusters that Canada and world can turn to for leadership and expertise.

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Power innovation

Alberta is rich in brainpower. We can flex our intellectual capacity to power economic diversification for a more stable and consistent revenue mix.

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Inspire youth

We need to ensure that youth have a promising future here in Alberta. Already ranked as one of the best places to live and work, Alberta’s long-term recovery and a future with opportunities for our children will depend on the creativity, grit and determination of entrepreneurial Calgarians and the innovative thinkers in our economy.

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New jobs in all industries

Sustainable jobs in a diverse array of industries are the foundation of a vibrant economy and vibrant communities.

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Stay smart, get smarter

Nourish our education advantage from Kindergarten to post-secondary making Alberta a leader in the knowledge economy.

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Provincial Government

Joint Letter to Premier's Economic Recovery Council

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Vibrant businesses lead to vibrant communities

We advance public policies to enable businesses to start, scale, and compete, which in turn enables our citizens to secure a high quality of life and build strong, resilient communities.